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The Story of Chelsea...

Once upon a time, there was an art-making, animal-loving little girl named Chelsea from Scottsdale, Arizona. She lived in a house with loving parents, two wonderful brothers, and several furry, four-legged siblings.

From the beginning, Chelsea was surrounded by pets and always considered them family members. In fact, they were often referred to as her little sisters.

She was always supported in her creative ventures, even though it sometimes seemed painful for her parents as they watched their walls and furniture get "Picasso'ed." They encouraged Chelsea to follow her dreams and explore her talent. So, she traveled to California and earned her degree in Fine Arts at California Lutheran University.

The Story of Paint the Pet...

Several years ago, Chelsea was desperate to find meaningful Christmas gifts for her family. All of a sudden, she was struck with pure genius… A custom painting of their Pets would be the perfect gift!!!

She painted and painted… and created one-of-kind paintings for each of her family members. Her family was thrilled! It was the perfect gift! They couldn’t wait to go home, hang them up and show all their friends.

As fate would have it, calls were coming in, asking Chelsea, “please can I also have a painting done of my favorite pet?”

And, so…Paint the Pet was created….and everyone lived colorfully ever after!

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